travel: a short trip to washington dc

This Thanksgiving we mixed things up a bit and spent the holiday in Washington DC. In addition to the Life Affirming Thanksgiving feast that we went to on Thursday, we made a few more stops around town.

During our trip we stayed at The Jefferson, a beautiful hotel near the White House. It was quite a bit fancier than my usual Airbnb digs, so I took about 1000 pictures to prove to myself that it was actually real!


A library of my dreams



There are such things as miniature jam stands

I’ll confess my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s often the first weekend when Christmas decorations are put up, and the Jefferson was no exception.


Friday…the decorations are up!

Of course they put constitutions on their trees.


All the constitutions

They had the most delightful little letterbox by the elevator. As my dad says, “IT’S PNEUMATIC!”


Lovely letter box

Friday we went to check out the International Spy Museum. It was pretty crowded and notably lacked a real Daniel Craig so I was a bit disappointed. But on the whole a fun experience! We also went to see some of Whistler’s work at the Freer and found a red panda at the National Zoo (along with a black squirrel that was more amenable to photo-taking than the red panda). It was the first night of their annual holiday lights display at the zoo.


At the International Spy Museum–no Daniel to be found 😦


Only we would find the random black squirrel the most fascinating critter at the zoo

On Saturday we spent the day at Mount Vernon, Washington’s estate. Lovely as ever and still under construction–sort of like New Haven! It never ends!


Mount Vernon Estate

We decided to stay in and eat dinner Saturday at Quill, the bar and restaurant attached to the hotel. Even the votives were beautiful!


The man’s everywhere, even on your votives

A great place to spend your Thanksgiving if you ever have the chance.


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