bakes: twelve days of christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas
On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me
twelve drummers drumming,
eleven pipers piping,
ten lords a-leaping,
nine ladies dancing,
eight maids a-milking,
seven swans a-swimming,
six geese a-laying,
five golden rings.
four calling birds,
three French hens,
two turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree.


Last year I decided I would bake an item for every one of the twelve days, each food inspired by the lyrics of the poem (and still vegetarian). Here’s how I did it!

(12) twelve drummers drumming

On the twelfth day of Christmas: homemade Drumstick ice cream

(11) eleven pipers piping

On the eleventh day of Christmas: Pipette pasta with eggplant and mozzarella in a white wine tomato sauce

(10) ten lords a-leaping


On the tenth day of Christmas: Lamington cake. An Australian favorite likely named after former Governor of Queensland, Lord Lamington. These are sponge squares dipped in a heavenly chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut

(9) nine ladies dancing

On the ninth day of Christmas: a Lady Baltimore cake


A slice reveals the fig and currant filling inside the Lady Baltimore cake

(8) eight maids a-milking

On the eighth day of Christmas: Sweet potato and coconut milk soup, topped with spicy baked chickpeas

(7) seven swans a-swimming

On the seventh day of Christmas: Swan-shaped sugar cookies

(6) six geese a-laying

On the sixth day of Christmas: Spinach polenta with mushrooms and a poached egg (before my vegan days!)

(5) five golden rings

On the fifth day of Christmas: Butternut squash golden rings, topped with a currant and apple relish

(4) four calling birds

On the fourth day of Christmas: avocado and tomato baked egg “birds’ nests” – yes I know, more eggs

(3) three French hens

On the third day of Christmas: oven baked gingerbread French toast

(2) two turtle doves

On the second day of Christmas: the largest chocolate turtles you’ve ever seen

(1) and a partridge in a pear tree

On the first day of Christmas: baked pears, homemade granola, honey, and yogurt

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