Travel: Lake District in March

Last March I took a trip to the Lake District for two nights. We spent our nights at the High Fold Guest House, a lovely bed and breakfast tucked away in Troutbeck right outside of Windermere. The owners made the loveliest vegetarian Full English breakfast and they proved to be key in our survival during our hike over to Ambleside.

After our first breakfast, we found a hiking guide for a trail to Ambleside that looked to be a good distance (5.8 miles) and would allow us to visit the town on foot. The BnB owner looked a bit skeptically at us in our North Face jackets and sneakers and kindly offered walking poles, telling us that it could get a bit rough up at the top of the Wansfell Pike. We cheerfully agreed not thinking much of the offer and made our way out of the guest house.

We passed the Troutbeck post office and continued down the road into Troutbeck village proper. The directions took us around benches and waterfalls, and we finally found a footpath entrance up Nanny Lane. This climb became a bit more serious until we finally made it to the summit of Wansfell Pike. This summit was no joke as it started to hail quite heavily as soon as we got to the top, and the path down the other side was steep for us in our measly sneakers.

We made it down the slope alive and finally came to Ambleside itself. My socks and shoes were soaked and so we found our way to the Copper Pot which had cozy fires inside where I could attempt to dry out my shoes. After some tasty carrot cake, we purchased a new set of dry socks and proceeded to make our way back to Troutbeck.

The walk back was much more beginner-friendly, starting with a jaunt through the Skelghyll woods riddled with waterfalls and potential troll hideouts. We crossed the farm at High Skelghyll–what an incredible piece of land to call home–and continued along the bridleway until we reached the Post Office again.

We ate dinner at the Moral Man where I had one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had alongside some sticky toffee pudding. We also made our way to Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s cottage near Sawrey, and to Hawkshead to see the Beatrix Potter Gallery. More on that in another post!














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